Medical and Dental Staffing


Physician Solutions is a primary care physician and dentist staffing agency that has been serving North Carolina and surrounding states for 25 years with the most qualified providers in the area.

If your practice or facility requires professional medical or dental services from a licensed professional, you can depend on Physician Solutions.  Medical practices, dental practices, hospitals, government agencies and corporations trust Physician Solutions with cost effective primary care providers to enhance their healthcare staffing ability.

Physician Solutions provides medical & dental staffing to the following type practices: Family, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Occupational Health, Urgent Care, Dental, State & County Health Care Agencies as well as Private Companies that require a MD on site or on-call.  If you are one of the many practices we have worked with, thank you for your continued working relationship.  If you have yet to use our services, you are invited to talk directly with one of our Account Managers and discuss your unique situation and requirements.