Permanent Provider Recruitment


Choosing the right permanent provider for your practice can be a challenge. The sourcing, interviewing, and credentialing processes can be long and arduous, not to mention weeding through all of the average and unqualified applicants. This is where we come in: Physician Solutions will orchestrate your search for the ideal candidate.

A quick disclaimer: If you use the “shotgun approach” with staffing agencies (contracting with several firms and waiting for the resumes to pour in), please leave us out. In those situations, all but one firm will be wasting their time – we want to earn your business through hard work, not luck. We take our clients and assignments very seriously, which has allowed us to remain successful in this industry for over 28 years.

If you are serious about filling your permanent position with the best candidate, then look no further than Physician Solutions. We would be honored to find the perfect physician to join your team.