Primary Care Practice for sale in the Wilmington North Carolina area

For Immediate Release

Medical Practice Listings (A Division of Physician Solutions, Inc.) has listed for sale a Primary Care Practice in Wilmington North Carolina area.  ‘We are in the process of performing a BizScore Valuation,  ( ),  on the practice and we anticipate the practice value to be in the $225,000 to $240,000  range’, Philip Driver, CEO of Physician Solutions stated.  Along with this established fully staffed and well appointed practice we are selling the 2,850 Sq Foot practice building.  The Valuation should be completed and we will post the offer price on the Physician Solutions web site;

 Raleigh, North Carolina – On the 31st day of August, Physician Solutions, Inc. listed for sale a Primary Care practice along with the practice building.  This is a multi-provider practice that is well established with an impressive address.  Seeing a full schedule of patients Monday through Friday, this practice is positioned for continued growth.  Additional information can be obtained by calling (919) 845-0054 or viewing the listing on the Physician Solutions web site.


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Press Release Contact
Philip Driver, CEO Physician Solutions Inc.

PH: (919) 845-0054


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