Elizabeth Johnson-Prout


When I joined Physician Solutions in 2015 as a bookkeeper I never dreamed I would have the honor to purchase such a prestigious company. The owner and founder of Physician Solutions, Inc., Philip Driver, decided to enjoy his retirement years and the opportunity to acquire the business was born. Since 2015 I have immersed myself in all aspects of the staffing industry and with my current team we can accomplish the goals for the future of Physician Solutions. These goals will enable our team to better serve our clients.

As president and owner, my role will change but I will continue to be available to our clients and providers as I have been in the past. I look forward to continuing building and growing our company by expanding our services.

When I am able, I enjoy spending time hiking, kayaking, and traveling. I have discovered a new hobby of creating water features by way of drilling through rock or recycled items that I find while exploring with my beautiful granddaughter.


Alexis Tucker

Dental Director

I am Alexis, the Dental Director at Physician Solutions, Inc. My career journey seamlessly blends hospitality and healthcare, focusing on clear communication and expert care to drive success. In my role, I oversee recruitment, manage dental schedules, and prioritize exceptional customer service, striving to create a welcoming and supportive environment for both providers and practices at Physician Solutions. I am committed to the intersection of professional excellence and personal fulfillment, bringing positivity, exceptional care, and a welcoming spirit to all aspects of my work.

Outside of work, I am an avid explorer of Utah's mountains, enjoy outdoor adventures, and pursue High Power Rocketry. I also value quality time with my boyfriend and the playful company of my beloved cats, Princess Leia and Darth Maul.


Nikki Houldsworth

Medical Recruiter

I am Nikki, Medical Recruiter, for Physician Solutions.  I came from the administrative side of a Pediatric office, and I am aware of the need to have providers in place during times of sickness, vacations, and holidays.  I know first-hand the challenge this can be, so I am excited to help our clients to meet this challenge.    I will primarily be recruiting and onboarding medical providers and clinics.  I enjoy working hard and look forward to helping clients meet their personal needs to create the perfect work life balance for them. 

In my spare time, I also enjoy playing hard, outside preferably, in or around water, but I also enjoy playing pickleball, camping or really anything that I do with my human, which is what I affectionately call my husband.  We have a kitty and do some pet sitting on the side.  The outdoors and animals make my soul smile.


Nancy Pickard Gilbert

Marketing Director

As Physician Solutions Marketing Director, I over see the public perception of the company. My responsibility is to create an image that best projects our goals for Physician Solutions team and partners. An image that reflects the values of the team - transparency, trust and dependability.  I believe in this team of amazing woman and their ability to achieve the goals set out. Physician Solutions is well established but that doesn't mean we can rest - greatness doesn't rest.

I reside in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and enjoy the bounty of peacefulness, wildlife and nature. When I am not on my mountain I enjoy traveling across this country and any other country that presents the opportunity. When it is possible, I take my two beautiful granddaughters along with me or my sweet comapnion Lou Lou (rescued Cocker Spaniel). You may find me camping, painting or just walking in this magnificent country of ours.