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For Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Contact one of our experienced recruiters and start a dialog. We want to get to know you, your situation, and what you are looking for. We’ll help you through our application process and begin reviewing your credentials. We’ll start discussing assignments that will interest you.  In most cases, if you are ready to begin working, we can have you practicing in only a few days.

Absolutely, you can accept or reject any position we present.

Once you express an interest in a position, we will present your CV and credentials to the decision maker at that facility or practice (a client). When a client expresses an interest in having you work in his or her facility, and as your credentials review is complete, we’ll hammer out all of the details, including length of the assignment, work schedule, and compensation. You are not obligated until you accept a specific assignment for specific dates.

Locum Tenens assignments vary tremendously in length. Some last many months, with the opportunity for a long stay or return engagements. Some are for weekend call only. Most last from a few weeks to several months. You have the option of working part or all of most assignments.

Yes. You will sign our non-exclusive agreement. Once you accept and commit to the assignment,  you are expected to fulfill the assignment of course.

No. There is no cost to you for Physician Solutions services.

Yes! When you work with Physician Solutions, we will coordinate your housing, travel, and local transportation. These costs are passed through to the client who has contracted for your services. Occasionally a client will make housing and transportation arrangements for you. Either way, the expenses are covered.

Yes. You are covered for every minute you work Physician Solutions, Inc. We carry comprehensive professional liability insurance from an A+ rated carrier, Mt. Hawley Insurance Company, with limits of $1 million per claim and $3 million aggregate. Physician Solutions positive claims history ensures that we will continue to have reasonable premiums and excellent coverage.

You will work as an independent contractor when you practice with Physician Solutions. This is the standard in the industry, and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year from us.

For Practices and Facilities

For Locum Tenens coverage and Permanent Placements, contact Physician Solutions and ask for our Accounts Manager. Our main number is (919) 845-0054 and our Email is   We will discuss your staffing requirements and which of the Physician Solutions options would serve you best.

Of course. We will provide a copy of the physician’s CVand credentials along with the dates he or she is available. We can arrange a phone interview if necessary between you and the provider. The quality of the match is the most important element of our service and we want to make sure we provide the perfect fit for both client and provider.

Once you accept a physician or mid-level for a specific set of dates, you will receive confirmation. We will provide a comprehensive file to assist you with your organization’s credentialing of the doctor.

Assignment length varies based on your scheduling requirements and the interests and availability of our doctors and providers. Locum Tenens placements may last many months, with a single doctor staying for the entire assignment, or with two or more doctors rotating through for return engagements. If both you and the physician feel it’s a perfect fit, your agreement has a provision that allows you to recruit the physician permanently.

For locum tenens services, Physician Solutions will invoice you based on hours worked and the medical specialty being covered. This hourly fee covers the providers compensation, professional liability insurance, and our efforts to recruit, screen, and match the physician to your requirements. For most assignments, we also coordinate lodging and local transportation. You will find our lodging and mileage rates to be most reasonable.

Physician Solutions, Inc.

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