Nikki Houldsworth

Medical Recruiter
I am Nikki, Medical Recruiter, for Physician Solutions.  I came from the administrative side of a Pediatric office, and I am aware of the need to have providers in place during times of sickness, vacations, and holidays.  I know first-hand the challenge this can be, so I am excited to help our clients to meet this challenge.    I will primarily be recruiting and onboarding medical providers and clinics.  I enjoy working hard and look forward to helping clients meet their personal needs to create the perfect work life balance for them.  In my spare time, I also enjoy playing hard, outside preferably, in or around water, but I also enjoy playing pickleball, camping or really anything that I do with my human, which is what I affectionately call my husband.  We have a kitty and do some pet sitting on the side.  The outdoors and animals make my soul smile.