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Why Use A Medical and Dental Staffing Agency for Permanent Placement Staffing?

Physician Solutions is a powerful resource to have in your recruiting toolkit. We understand the internal recruitment process is critical; we are here to help you extend your reach and cast your net wider. With our broad provider base and experience in healthcare staffing we can help you:

Save time

Increase your hiring success rate

Preserve your revenue stream and patient care

Save Time and Extend Your Resources

When you partner with Physician Solutions, we do the heavy lifting for you. We handle the time consuming and administratively intensive process of searching, matching, making calls, scheduling interviews, and credentialing; presenting you with qualified candidates, who are a match for what you are seeking.

Increase Your Pool of Qualified Candidates

It can be difficult to source and recruit qualified Medical talent in such a highly competitive market—and job sites offer very little value for such critical positions. When you partner with Physician Solutions, you gain access to our vast network of highly qualified healthcare professionals.

Being headquartered in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, we have built relationships with thousands of medical providers throughout our 25 year tenure in healthcare staffing, spanning the entire United States. Our depth and breadth of experience in healthcare staffing is a competitive edge for clinics, hospitals, universities and corporations who partner with us. We attract, recruit, and hire only the best.

Preserve Your Revenue Stream and Patient Care

You have likely faced lost revenue and interruption in patient care due to unforeseen employment changes within your Medical staff. Physician Solutions is a trusted resource when staffing issues arise that impact the continuity of your patient care, patient satisfaction, and preservation of your revenue stream. We’ll help you avoid the cost and headache of unfilled vacancies.

What To Expect From Physician Solutions

Working with Physician Solutions is easy and risk-free; unlike other healthcare staffing agencies—there are no upfront fees, as we work on a contingency basis. There’s nothing to risk and the upside is tremendous. If having another competent partner to help extend your reach and source quality providers would be of value to you; contact us today.

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